At Architekt our clients are number one and providing service that surpasses our client's expectations is what we do. If you like the look of this design please feel free to contact Digi Dezine at 702.610.3896

Summary from founder of Digi Dezine:

Digi Dezine uses full efforts and creativity no matter how large or small the project is. There is a reason for that kind of dedication. I have been dedicated to acheving more than I could mentally carry all my life. Achieving what the next person could not was just something I expected of myself. Unfortunately I expect the same from other in at least the area of work.

I have never tried to compete with everyone else. But I know success does not come unless one is a fanatic about what they do.
It takes tremendous effort and being aggressive until a certain piece of the puzzle is completed that day or that 24 hours.

Design does not always come rolling off the top of your head at will. I have rebuilt sites more than a couple of times, due to the fact that I was not happy with the result. But knowing a work of art is not at the end of ones brain or fingers and has to come together when the basics are in place. When it's not right, you know it. I have not had one dissatisfied client. Pretty much all of the time, expectations are far greater than expected.

Feel free to phone me Don @ 702.610.3896 and ask any questions you have in mind. Even if I am able to place you in the right direction, it is my pleasure.


Don Niam


Structure Design

Structure and design is the foundation of a project. ARCHITEKT leaves no stones unturned and carefully fine tunes a safe and sturdy structure that is stunning in every aspect and functionally strong!

Interior Design

At ARCHITEKT our interior design experts create magic for our clients and one of the many reasons they keep coming back. Magnificent is the term our clients use when describing a project's design.


The finishing touch to complete a project and an important aspect of the design is landscaping. ARCHITEKT has won several awards for unique and creative landscaping.


Each image on this website was researched for the quality of an image that I as a web designer could find to display my work to someone as skilled as an Architect. For the web it is difficult to optimize an image and enhance with colors and vibrance along with shrinking the file size enough to maintain website speed. Images are on of the resource vampires on a website. Most people do not take the tedious time to create a vibrant image for site speed.

Mostly due tot he fact that the consumer has no idea about this detail. Treat and service clients as you would expect them to return to you.

Remember this site is strictly a mock up with a Logo created for a company that does not exist along with content I generated from my head and some research.

Fell free to email using the form below or phone me @ 702.610.3896.



(Summerlin area) of Las Vegas, Nevada
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